The Office of Rail Transport (UTK) was established on 1 June 2003 by way of the transformation of the Chief Railway Inspectorate.

UTK upholds the cohesion of the rail system by supervising the technical solutions that influence rail traffic and rail system safety.




The President of the Office of Rail Transport is a regulator with jurisdiction over cases of:

  • regulating the rail transport market,
  • licensing rail transport,
  • technical supervision over the operation and maintenance of railway lines and railway vehicles,
  • rail traffic safety,
  • supervising the observance of passenger rights in rail transport,
  • train driving licences and certificates.

The Office of Rail Transport also performs its tasks in the field of monitoring rail market development, improving rail transport safety standards and cooperating with European institutions responsible for the functioning and development of the common rail services market.



Office of Rail Transport

Al. Jerozolimskie 134

02-305 Warsaw



Passenger Rights Department: 801 044 080

Passenger complaints submission: +48 22 749 14 60

E-mail: pasazer@utk.gov.pl