In the train you may purchase a ticket for your own passage or transport ticket for carriage of objects, your dog or bike.Ticket in the train

In order to buy the ticket the traveller ought to contact the train crew upon entering the train or immediately after entering the train by the first door (counting from the front of the train).

The train crew selling the ticket for passage charges the traveller additionally with a fee for selling the ticket in the train specified in the Price List (C-KS) (Polish only).

The fee is not charged from persons who:

  1. begin their passage on stations without a ticket office or at the time when the ticket office is closed,
  2. could not buy the ticket in the ticket office due to lack of change in the ticket office or electronic fault of the ticket office, and show the “Certificate of notification of lack of valid ticket” issued by that ticket office,
  3. have a single ticket of other carrier with a stamp or annotation: “Further on in KS train” or “Change of carrier” issued in the train, when the time for change does not exceed 30 min. according to the schedule,
  4. reports to the train crew or to the person authorized to perform ticket control in the train passage outside the destination station not later than before the train reaches the destination station specified on the ticket,
  5. request 100% concession fare,
  6. have a valid ticket and report change of contract of carriage concerning: change of the traveller’s entitlement to concession, change of the destination station,
  7. are disabled or persons with reduced mobility – on the condition that during purchase of the ticket they show to the train crew a document confirming their disability. Persons whose (permanent or temporal) physical disability is visible are released from that obligation,
  8. are over 70 years of age – on the condition that they show a document confirming their age,
  9. are blind, travelling without a guide or with a guide dog,
  10. are confined to wheelchairs, travelling with or without assistance,
  11. are travelling with a bike.

Persons specified in points 7-10 and persons travelling with bikes are not obliged to contact the train crew before entering the train or immediately after entering the train in order to buy the ticket. These persons are checked in during control of transport documents.