Easy and convenient way of buying Koleje Śląskie tickets

What is SkyCash?

It is an application for mobile phones, which allows buying train tickets:

  • 24h a day,
  • from every place,
  • no need to use change money,
  • no need to look for an open retail point.


  • it’s absolutely free to download (Polish only),
  • tickets’ prices are exactly the same as for paper tickets.

Using SkyCash mobile application allows to buy disposable ticket for all connections provided by Koleje Śląskie. However, we are currently working on introducing also other tickets into our offer.

To buy a ticket you only need to run SkyCash application, then search for connection, choose the number of tickets, type of discount and decide about returning ticket.

SkyCash application has an option of issuing invoices. The documents are being sent in PDF format into your e-mail address. The system provides the option of fast returning of a ticket. Everything is done online without going to ticket retail point.

Download SkyCash:
Pobierz SkyCash

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SkyCash Customer Service Department 

tel.: +48 22 403 8020 or +48 22 403 8040
e-mail: bok@skycash.com
available: Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 06:00 PM